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About us


This company was not formed for the sole purpose of money making, the founder of Ava Kensington had bad skin due to chemicals in the products she was using with fragrances and wanted a solution to help her skin feel nourished & to heal. Having a strong background in health and wellness she thought to take matters into her own hands and progress in the creation of her own Skincare line.

These products were created with the help of expert Dermatologists to help others like her in her position.

The brand has now branched into over 150 countries and makes all its own skincare Gua Sha products. 


 Ava Kensington is a family owned business & for over many years we've been committed making sure that quality should never be a compromised on any of our products. From Organic Natural ingredients we bring you products that you can use without worrying what your putting onto your skin. To the deepest cleansers and latest treatments, we bring it all to you without the use of Harmful chemicals, Sulphates, Formaldehyde donor free, Silicones free, Free from Animal Byproducts & synthetic-free ingredients.

We are committed to being a brand you can turn to for products that are what they say they are on the packaging. We were tired of reading the ingredients list and not really knowing what your reading? No Fragrances are used in our products so there are no hidden ingredients you can't see, what you read on the label is what you are using. Gentle ingredients for Gentle skin.

It takes any where between 30- 600 ingredients to make fragrance which by law does not have to be declared by companies on their packaging. Just the word fragrance has to be used. So it normally takes between 10-40 ingredients to make the actual Product for instance a Cream. The rest of the ingredients do nothing for your skin but make it smell nice but fragrances have been linked to causing irritations later on and do nothing but create sensitive skin. K.I.S.P comes to mind! Keep It Simple People!

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